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If you're a mom and/or a homemaker and you've ever wondered what your'e worth-many of you most likely already know wha you're worth-You're invaluable and so very priceless!

I more than paid my dues when my son was young and my husband was runnning his own business, working 24/7, 120+ hours a week-I did it all, including the yard work, running my son to school events, sports practices and games/meets, etc.

ETA: I was also working full time up to 80 hours a week myself, traveling while doing it all.

This article puts everything into perspective-

The bottom line

Total for a year of all services is: $52,260 + $6,137 + $31,200 + $4,168 + $936 + $1,560 = $96,261 per year.

The daily work of a homemaker can sometimes be taken for granted by his or her family members. However, these services could earn a homemaker a considerable wage if he or she took those skills to the marketplace.Homemakers in general contribute a lot more to the home in addition to these tasks, and no amount of money can fill those needs.

Here's the break down-

Private chef-
total cost for services:
$1,005 per five-day workweek x 52 weeks = $52,260 per year.

House cleaner-
Total cost for services:
$118 per week X 52 weeks = $6,136 per year.

Child care-
Total cost for services: $600 a week plus perks/benefits x 52 weeks = $31,200 per year.

Total cost for services: $1,000 per year + [(estimated miles driven 8,000 miles / 50 mph) x 60 minutes/hour x 33 cents per minute] = $4,168 total per year.

Laundry service-
Total cost for services: 90 cents per pound x 4 pounds of clothes per day x 5 days per week x 52 weeks = $936 total per year.

Lawn maintenance-
Total cost for services: $30 per week x 52 weeks = $1,560 total per year.

These figures are probably a little bit low if you have to pay for certain services depending on the area of the country you live in.

If you want to read the full article, go to: I saw the report on CNN this a.m.-

How much is a homemaker worth?- MSN Money
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