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"Be who you are and be that perfectly well." I REALLY like that and need to work on that. Thank you for posting this.

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I'm not sure if I agree with all of those....

1. Compare...

*** I do this ALL the time. It's how I learn to improve. Comparing doesn't always mean putting somebody (you or the other person) down. It could be recognizing other people's strengths and learning from those other people's examples.

2. "Should" on Yourself...

*** OMG I totally agree with this, partially. I think you need to recognize your mistakes so you don't repeat them. But you DEFINITELY need to recognize that life is what it is, and you have to move on. Otherwise, you are Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. And who wants THAT. :)

3. Get People to Like You....

*** I wish more people did more to make themselves more likable. Not in a politician way, but in a simple human being way.

4. Interrupt....

*** If you grow up with three sisters, this is an absolute necessity. :doh:

5. Worry About How You Look....

*** YES YOU SHOULD. There is nothing wrong with a little concern for appearances. Never settle. *** And I should say here that my dad, sisters, brothers and I all threatened to physically drag my mom to her hair stylist if she didn't go to have her hair colored for Christmas. She put it off for a long time because it costs $80 and she hates spending that much every month. But it was URGENT. Serious. o_O

6. Work Constantly....

*** Sometimes this is necessary, especially in our economy. I know somebody who works three jobs a day. It's to support his family and keep the house together. Rather than assume that people choose to work nonstop, how about recognizing that some people work constantly because they have to.

7. Fail to Give People a Break...

*** Unless you are letting people walk all over you. :)

8. Complain About Minor Illnesses...

*** When I had pneumonia earlier this year, I realized that while it did not cure me... it certainly made me feel better moaning and complaining about my aches and pains.

9. Be a Jerk...

See # 3

10. Avoid Doing the Right Thing....

*** I'm a complete believer in this. You only get one chance at a time to do the right thing. At the least bit, it makes you feel better afterwards.

11. Make Fun of People....

*** I'm embarrassed to say I just watched a video with the top news crew bloopers of the year. And laughed all through.

12. Be Hard on Yourself....

*** Within reason

Kye & Coops Mom
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Two really fit me, Be who you are, and Should'a, I need to work hard on these. Everyone should read these.

Wishing everyone a Wonderful and safe New Years. I head out to the quiet farm for the day and will treasure the time away from the city bussle.
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