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Florida Breeders

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Hi my names Stacey and I am looking for a reputable Golden Retriever breeder. I've researched a lot of different places but I just wanted to get some outside advice before I decide. Oh and I'll post a couple pictures of the colors I'd be looking for. Also I would prefer to have one with straight hair. If you need anymore specifics feel free to ask. Thank you very much and I will get the pictures posted as soon as possible.
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Here is a thread about a couple of good florida breeders.

These are the kind of color coats I'd be looking for in a Golden Retriever.....


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Here's Another Pic

Here's the second one.


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Those two dogs have completely different coat types. (??)

please check out puppy referral at
The second dog looks like it's been shaved at one point and the coat is growing out.

Good luck with your search!

I think the OP is just posting examples of color. It appears you like the darker colored goldens. That's what I originally went in search of also, but then I learned that most of the dark goldens are from field lines and do not have the personality that I can handle right now. They are bred to work and hunt and as such have A LOT of energy.

A reputable breeder who I would now call a friend told me that I should really look at many other things before color - primarily temperament, health clearances on the parents, etc.

If you want a dog who will have a job - hunting, field work, etc. - then you might want a field style. But if this is your first golden and you are looking for a good family friend/companion, you might want to look into a dog more from conformation lines.

If color really is important to you, please also consider rescuing. That might be a great opportunity for you to get the color you want and a dog that has a personality that fits with your home and lifestyle.
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I live in Florida and did a lot of research before I settled on a breeder. Some of the well known and reputable breeders: Gemini, Fallchase, Magik. I spoke with Cindi at Gemini and although she had no upcoming litters but highly recommend Maura from GoldRox. She is not one of the bigger breeders. In fact the mother or our pup has only had 2 litters. She has a dad from Gemini that you can see on her website. He is a beauty and one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. The mother, Roxy, did not take to showing well so they are not making her. She has a wonderful temperament as well. I know that Maura is planning to breed Roxy one final time (for a total of 3 litters) in about a year. I believe Circus Goldens will have a litter around Christmas time but I don't know a lot about them. A word about our Riley: she has turned out to be the best dog we have ever had. She only 16 weeks old but amazingly easy to train and very bright. And she looks like her dad who is gorgeous. You'll see when you look at her website. We are so in love with her that I called Maura and told her to put us on the list for the next litter. Good luck with your search!
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