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First time at the dog park

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Today I took Rosie to our local dog park for the first time. She had a GREAT time! We went with my friend and her goldendoodle. When we first got there, we were the only ones there. That didn't last long! It was great, though...lots of nice dogs and people. The park is 70 acres...all fenced in with beautiful trails. We spent our time playing fetch in a huge open field. She got dirty, I got dirty, but it was a blast. Best of all, she's been wiped out ever since we got home at 2:15 this afternoon. I was sort of nervous to take her to the dog park. I'm really glad that we tried it, and I'm sure we'll go back. I think it was very good for her to have the chance to play with so many dogs. And it was a nice change of pace for me, too.
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It sounds like a great dog park. 70 acres! Glad you both had a great experience and got in some socialization. Don't forget the camera the next time you go. ;)
70 acres and trails. Sounds like a blast.
Sounds like you had heaps of fun. I wish our dog park was 70 acres with trails!! We make to with something a fraction of the size. I also love the fact that they are exhausted and happy resting when they get home!!
I've always wanted to take Bailey to a dog park. I live in MN too, but I don't know of a good place that is not too far from my house.
It sounds like a great dog park. We have one like that but it is across town and pricey.
Nicole74...we live in Woodbury. This park opened about a year or two ago, and it is amazing. Technically, your dog is supposed to be licensed in Woodbury in order to go to the park, but from what I understand, nobody ever checks. I'm not sure what part of MN you live in, but if you're at all close to Woodbury, you should check it out sometime.

I think we are going to take Rosie again today. We have gorgeous weather, and I want to take advantage of it. I'll try to remember my camera this time and take some pictures.
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