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First hunting trip with Frosti

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Well I have been a bad forum member, haven't posted or answered anything for while. But read alot of stuff here which has been great. This forum is better then all the book's I have bought and read ! I was actually at time started to worry about Frosti not fetching balls for me ( he sometimes wen't for them, but did not wan't to bring them back, it was his ( until he saw something more interesting :p ) ).

But we go regullary up to our "farm" it's a hobby farm, a rather large land which is great for hunting and fishing ( especally salmon in the summer ).

Anyhow me and Frosti ( 4 month old white Golden Retriver ) wen't on a very short hunting trip which was manily thought off to help him to get familiarized with the sound of the gun ( started further away, and then took him with me ).

Here we are going for a short walk.

As we were walking and shooting to get him familiarized we saw a couple of bird's ( actually alot ) so I shot one to test Frosti out since he didn't seem to be the least bothered with the gun. He was great, took the bird and tried to put it out of it is misarry, a little work is needed there, but he got so exicted about this, and he took the bird and walked with it in his mouth all the way to the house ( the bird was around 8-9 pounds ). I have a pictured but I will not post that one so bird loving people won't be offended.

But Frosti also wanted to help around in the water

After a long day he was tired and wen't to his crate and slept with his plush "friends" :)
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He is a cutie....yes nice to respect the bird lovers ( I like birds ) but hey we have seen dead whales and bears on here and it didn't gross me out (much) !!
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