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First aid class

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I am interested in taking a dog first aid class. Does anyone know of any in Chicago/Central Illinois/St. Louis/Indianapolis/West Lafayette, IN???

Or do you have suggestions about how to find them? My google searches aren't getting me very far.
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Check with your local Red Cross. That's who I took my class through.
Thanks! Great suggestion!!
FYI for those interested - many Red Cross chapters are discontinuing the classes because the new book has a very thorough DVD that covers everything and comes with it. It is $17. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going to pick one up this week or next - they are sold out now.

They also sell a pre-packaged complete first aid kit that goes with the DVD for $20, which is a total steal! And you can add to it if you see it necessary. The only thing not in the kit is a thermometer. I pre-ordered 3 - one for the house and one for each car. I was expecting to pay $50+ for just one! I think this is a great deal, and even if it doesn't have everything I find I want, I can always add more and I haven't spent a ton of money.
I bought the book/dvd combo from the Red Cross last year--well worth the investment.

There are some third party companies offering pet first aid classes taking up the Red Cross' slack. Last time I checked a company was offering them through REI stores here in my area. You can also have them offer classes to rescue or other pet related groups. Not sure of the pricing though.
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