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I would love to create a forum where owners can reach out to/ try to connect with other owners of golden retrievers from the same litters. It would be fun to see photos of littermates and other siblings and perhaps helpful to identify any health concerns, etc.

For my part here is my posting:

Names: Molley and Whitney
Born: March 2007
Parents: Casey and Sierra
Breeder: Candyheart Golden Retrievers in Pennsylvania

My wife and I have/had two CandyHeart golden retrievers, both from the same litter but brought into our home nine-months or so apart. Our pups, Molley and Whitney, have amazing temperaments and have been wonderful companions. Sadly, two weeks before their 10th birthday Molley died only one week after being diagnosed with cancer (this past March). Molley was my first dog EVER and her loss has left a big hole in my life. Wherever I went, Molley would go. If I was sitting somewhere, Molley was likely under my feet. If I was eating something, Molley was definitely there! Whitney (who we purchased as an older 9-month old pup from CandyHeart) is super sweet and gentle -- more of a dog's dog. Molley, according to my wife who grew up with dogs, was more of a people dog -- always looking you in the eye when you talked to her, playing fetch, instinctive/intuitive about what you might need, etc. I would love to connect with others who have pups from Casey and Sierra's litter (born March 2007). I am curious as to the health of the pups overall. Also, it could be cool to arrange for Whitney to meet her litter-mates, especially now that she lost Molley.

Epilogue: I would not trade Molley and Whitney for the world. They are (were in the case of Molley) exceptional dogs. That said, it is extremely upsetting to learn that Freya did not care for her pups and adult dogs the way that she should. The thought that Whitney who lived with Freya for close to a year may have not been having her needs met is disconcerting. It is interesting to note that when we picked up Whitney from Freya, Whitney smelled horrible; and according to the groomer, it took several baths to improve her smell. Perhaps, we now know why....Freya really let her pups down!


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