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Field(red)breeders,in Florida

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Looking for a good breeder,in Florida that breed red,sporting goldens!.
Obviously health check is a must!.
Looking for a golden,with which,I could do,agility and flyball!.
Any help appreciated!.
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I believe Hawtee, a member here, is in FL and has beautiful red agility dogs. She may be a good source of info. as far as breeders.
Bumping it!
I hope you find one. Maybe Beaushel would know someone?
I hope you find one. Maybe Beaushel would know someone?
I would have taken a dog from Beaushel's breeder but sadly enough,it can't happen!.
You need to get in touch with Jackie at Topbrass!!!! They have the best of the best IMO and they do have litters in Florida.
I dont know of any breeders sorry. But I hope you find one.
Thanks ACC!.
Topbrass has,indeed,beautiful dogs!.
You won't be sorry if you get one!
Funny, I was looking at these yesterday. I love my Topbrass girls. Bright, biddable, wonderful house dogs. And yes, they are red.
I too agree with the Topbrass also I was looking at this one but in Wis.

Personal friend of mine.
Just bred his field trial line bitch to Fisher's brother. Litter due in December. Located in south FL.
Phlyer puppies!!!! :dblthumb2:dblthumb2

I was very interested in the Phlyer and Sox breeding and I had contacted Jackie about it. After telling her what I was looking for she was very honest about telling me she wasn't sure if one of these pups would give me what I was looking for and steered me in another direction. I greatly appreciate her honesty with me, and even though I ended up going with a different breeder, I most highly recommend her.
Topbrass would be my first choice in Fla.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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