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Fergus N Farley update

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Well it's been almost a week and they are getting along great. Fergus does get this almost sad look on his face once in a while like he'd rather that the pup wasn't here. We have been very careful not to make too much fuss over the puppy but any attention the puppy gets is attention Fergus isn't getting. When one of us is paying attention to the pup the other is with Fergus.

Don't get me wrong there have been no signs of any issues between them.

Farley (the pup) is fearless and when the playing looks to us like it is getting a little rough he just keeps coming at Fergus. There have been only 2 yelps so far, once when Fergus stepped on him and the other time Fergus rolled over on him when they were playing.

Crate training is going very slow with Farley he really doesn't like it so we are taking it slow. Fergus was fully trained at 9 weeks and NEVER had an accident in the house - not so with Farley. You could always tell when Fergus needed to go but Farley will stop in mid stride and pee, 5 minutes after you have had him out.

The Boyz at play and you can see right at the end Farley decide he needed to pee and he had just had a potty break before this play session.

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So Cute! Fergus just rolls Farley away when he's sick of him and Farley just comes right back. I think Farley should sleep well if he plays like that all day! Did you try to put special treats in his crate so he will just go in there durring the day? It may make it easier for you at night.
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