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Fergus is getting a fur brother tomorrow

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Fergus will be 2 next month, Kaye and I have been talking about a second dog for a while now. We were going to do a rescue and then Kaye thought it would be kinda of cool to check to see if we could get another pup from the same parents, I agreed. So I called and they have 2, 8 week old males from the same parents as Fergus.

We know Fergus will be fine with the pup he has been around other pups with no problems and he loves small dogs. We just need to keep an eye on his excitement level. The biggest fear I have is coming home with 2 puppies.

Kaye is away for the weekend and I have no self control, I may have to bring my daughter with.

Fergus was crate trained but has free reign now. We will crate train the pup but I am wondering how Fergus will react to the pup in a crate when he roams free? I suppose I could crate them side by side?

Any suggestions on how we should handle this.

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Congratulations on the soon to be new addition. I'm sure all will go fine. When I added Caue to the mix he was in a crate for a while while Oakly had free reign of the house. They both did fine and Oakly was excited when his new baby brother came out of the crate.
Ahh the second dog!!! No problems for us when we brought home Murphy and started using the crate again. Tucker was 1 year old and we didn't use the crate much anymore for him. We just put the divider in and started Murphy in the crate right away. I think our older dog Tucker was glad for the occasional escape from the puppy constantly chewing,jumping, biting etc. on him!
I would have them meet on neutral territory like the front yard. But I am sure they will be fine. Good luck and I cant wait to see the pictures of little brother.
I'm sure they will be fine, when I brought Chloe home she was crated at night.

It gave the older once a little time to get away from the little land shark she was!
Oh boy!!!!! I can't wait to see some pictures. Do you have a name picked out yet?
Oh what fun! Abby was out of the crate and had free roam when we brought Finn home as a pup. They need to be crate trained and learn their manners, doesn't matter if Fergus has already done the drill. Good luck and post pictures!
I had 8 year old Eli and 7 year old Sammi. When Eli died Sammi was lost and depressed because he had been her partner for her entire life. After about a month I decided to add a puppy to help her and myself. I ended up getting 2 puppies and crate them both while she is free. It has worked out just fine but if I had it to do over again I would have only added 1 puppy. You really have to spread yourself thin with 2 pups.
The pups have both been crated since they came home 3-4 months ago and are extremely good about their crates. I never made Sammi go back to a crate though, I didn't want her to feel like anything was going to change in her life and she is angel being loose.
I have NOah 15 months and Scout was 8 weeks and they did fine. Noah loves the puppy (now the puppy is 5 months) and when he was really little the time in the crate also gave us the opportunity to have Noah time. Just make sure they can see each other and you'll be fine. I found it's when they can't see each other you start having problems.

Noah has his crate, puppy has his. I did not give the puppy Noahs as Noah still was going in and out of his. Now the puppy uses both and Noah really does not use them at all.

Congratulations-how exciting.

Have two dogs is the best in my opinion!!!
Fergus and the puppy picked each other. The puppy came right up to Fergus and initiated play and Fergus gently responded.

No name yet. The pic was off my cell so its not the best.


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Just adorable.
Oh, talk me down! Max is two and I've been thinking it might be a good time to add a baby brother or sister but Bear says no - for many reasons, mostly financial right now. But ohhhhhhhhhhhh, how adorable that picture is!
Great picture! Thanks for sharing! GOOD LUCK!
How cute is that! I can see they will be the best of buds.

Your cell phone takes great pics.
update on Farley and Fergus

We named him Farley

The boyz had the same dad but different moms. Farley's mom was a lighter red than Fergus' mom. You can really tell in the first pic but we know Farley will darken up to his ear color.

Well things are going great other than almost no sleep the first night. He went pee about every 90 min and only had 2 small piddle accidents in the house. Tonight he slept 4 hours before he woke up.

He weighed in at 7.2 lbs. Fergus came in at 80lbs (he needs more walks).

Farley is completly fasinated with his big brother's tail and will chase, it lay on it, chew it - he just wants to be by it. He is a little scared of his big brother's bark, which was the cause of one of the pee accidents. Fergus has a great big low/intimidating bark when someone comes to the door.

Fergus has had to escape downstairs a few times to get some rest but for the most part he loves having a little brother.


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