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Fenway Frankie!

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:wavey: Today is Fenway's fourth day with us, and he has defineitely been on his best behavior. Very content and settling in well so far. Born 7/23/09.:)


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Fenway is a cutie!! Welcome Fenway.
Fenway is an irrisistible pup. I love his sweet wrinkly face. Looking forward to getting to watch this boy grow up here on GRF. Keep the pictures coming.
Hank says :wavey:
What a cutie-patootie!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.... they grow up so fast. And, yes, PLEEZ keep those pics coming.
Fenway is just adorable. Take lots of pictures because he will grow up so fast. Just wait he is lulling you into a false sense of security being on his best behavior. He has that little spark of spunkiness in his eyes.
Awww... He is so cute!
Love the name. I had to check right away: yep! from MA. You must be Redsox fans. We're Tiger fans.

He's adorable. Love the little teddy-bear tongue in the first one.

Carol is absolutely right: lots of pictures. This cute baby stage is will be gone before you know it. But that's okay because after that comes Handsome Fella stage for years and years!

Welcome to the forum!
So cute! I was just looking at Tucker's baby pictures and thinking how quickly it passed, made me a little sad! Enjoy it:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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