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Holly I second the gorilla hunt.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall/winter. Riot is doing well. His whistle sits are becoming very crisp. It's just getting him to sit when he gets very far away. I think every dog has that issue with a young dog. His marking is nice. He just turned 1year old a few days ago. We've been doing walk ups. I'm always shocked when that when we are walking to the line and that shot goes off and the bird flies through the air, and his butt hits the ground without me saying anything at all. What a nice puppy! We've also been working on triples. Like when we moved to doubles, his memory needed a little help on that middle mark. He does a typical outside-outside-inside pick up. Now I need to be able to send him to whichever mark I want him to go to. He's at a really fun age right now. This weekend we start back in field classes for 2 months.

It's been so nice to train Riot. After beating my head against a wall with Lucy. It's so nice to have a dog that puts a smile on your face when you are done training. Riot is that dog you have all kinds of ideas for what you want to do next.

I'm also getting ready to start entering Riot in obedience. Next trial is in March. There are too few trials in Alaska!
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