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We have a six month old puppy, Ozzie, who has all his shots and passed every check up to date.

A month or so ago he had his Rabies shot, and less than 12 hours later his face started to change. It's like all of the muscles in his face stop working so his loose skin sags and makes his eyes droop. Like a Bloodhound. It looked to us like his inner eyelids were closing up. Nothing else changed about him. He was still playful and ate all his food, etc. "The Droop" would only last a couple of minutes and then disappear again, and it happened a few times over.

We took him to the emergency vet, who gave him a shot of Benadryl and steroid/antobiotic eye drops and told us to keep giving him Benadryl for a couple more days. He looked fine when we arrived but as we were talking to the vet, it happened again. She said it was really strange how it kept happening like that and wasn't constant, but treated him for an allergy anyway. This seemed to do the trick and 4-5 days later he seemed normal again.

He was perfectly fine until we brought home a foster puppy on Saturday (also UTD on shots and de-flea'ed, etc. A Polish Sheepdog, 9 months old, so very energetic and doesn't need as much rest as Ozzie does). They were instant friends, and played and played.... and then The Droop appeared again. I wondered if he was allergic to other dogs, somehow, because the same day he had the rabies vaccine (the only other day The Droop started) we had taken him to the dog park for the first time.

*Note: Since then we had taken him 3 more times, and he's socialised with smaller numbers of dogs, and nothing happened.*

We started doing our homework and read that there were a lot of different reasons for a dog's eyes to droop like that, and some breeds are more prone than others. We read that it can happen if a Golden is fatigued or stressed... well, Ozzie plays well past when his body is telling him to nap. Usually he goes to sleep when he's tired, but the foster pup is keeping him awake playing, and vice versa.

I'm wondering if anyone else here has had the same thing happen to their Goldens, and if it was caused by fatigue, checked by a vet or treated in any way? We were hoping to adopt the other pup, but if Ozzie's face is going to do this every day we can't. :(

I read that when it happens to puppies under 1 year old it's genetic, and that dogs with it should NOT be bred. We had been considering it, but it looks like that has been decided for us now. I wanted to contact the breeder and looked him up...

Unfortunately, we weren't very smart (please don't throw hate at me) and bought our Ozzie from Petland. Had we known their reputation we wouldn't have gone there. I only moved to America a few months ago and had no idea such stuff was going on. Unfortunately, the breeder they got Ozzie from seems to be a puppy mill. I'm so upset that we paid over $3k in supporting such sh*t! :mad:

So now I'm thinking it's likely the dogs he bred passed it on and it never went noticed.

Can anyone share any information or advice?
Is it genetic and it'll always happen when he gets too exhausted? Was it really an allergy and this new dog carried something in?
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