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Excited peeing - when does it stop?

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At what age does the excited peeing stop? Michaela didn't start this until she was 14 and we went away for the weekend and left her with her breeder. Now when she meets people she pees. She pees if I talk excitedly too her (which I've stopped). She pees when she greets my 5 year old in the morning. I'm hoping it's a growth thing but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and when it stopped? Thanks!
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My pup is two years old. She still pees when a select few of her favorite people come over. Sorry I don't have any advice!
Your dog JUST stated peeing while excited at age 14? I'd be thinking its more an incontinence issue at that age than just excited or submissive peeing.
She might mean 14 weeks or 14 months... but yeah, if she meant 14 years, then that dog's just doing what old dogs happen to do. :p:
Sorry, I meant 14 weeks. You know how you think something and fail to write it down, that's me.
Lucy did this until she was about 12-14 months. But she did do it again recently (she's 2 now) when she greeted someone she hadn't seen for a long while, it was someone who she would ALWAYS get very excited to see.:uhoh:
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