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Is your Itchy DOG [ Allergy] SAD ?

Flea / Skin Mites / Food Allergy = No.

Enviro Pollens / Dust Mites / Molds = 80+% Yes !

Make Fighting 15 Itchy Enviro Allergies Doggy GOO > GOO-Licious Treat FUN !

}} Doggy GOO Hello Retriever - sters ….

And Thank You for your Kind Welcome.

My name is Stephen Hauer, and together with DVM Dermatologist Dr. Kristin Holm, “We R GOO “ !

We BOTH come to you ala Dog Allergies | Dog Food Allergies - Healthy GOO, because of our shared Passion to Fight Allergy….

Both Human ( Following ) & your DOG’s ( See Below ).

Prior to creating Dog Allergies | Dog Food Allergies - Healthy GOO with Dr. Kristin 4.5 Yr. ago, for over 12 Yr., together with my “Human” Medical Director, Dr. Glenn MD, we Helped our 2 Legged ( Human ) Friends Fight their Aero-Enviro Allergies.

Essentially, our Program supported Your MD with an IgE Allergy Blood Test, where we Tested Your Blood for the most common Seasonal & Year-round Aero-Enviro TroubleMakers which cause You to Achoo .

Then, based on Your Blood telling Us “What You were Allergic To, and to what Degree”, under Dr. Glenn’s Medical Direction / Pharma Group, 100% Natural, Sublingual ImmunoTherapy Allergy Drops were Custom Formulated.

Then, on a daily AM & PM basis, these DROPs were placed Under Your Tongue, where your Allergy Troublemakers passed thru the Thin Skin of the Mouth ( at a Molecular Level ), into the Blood Stream / Immune System.

It was then, that these small Aero-Enviro Amounts began to Expose / ReTrain / Leverage the Natural Ability of the Immune System to Heighten “Internal” Immune Tolerance, such that, hopefully, over time, “External” Allergy SYMPTOM’s were not Triggered.

It is this CORE Strategy that Dr. Kristin and Myself follow when Helping Your Itchy Allergy Dog with Doggy GOO .

Doggy GOO > A-Ha Moment !

One day I was speaking to my PET Store Mgr and I mentioned that many PET Parents have to give up their Dog or Cat because They or a Family Member were Allergic to the Animal.

I suggested, that the PET Parents should Call Stephen and “Say GoodBye” to their Aero-Enviro Allergies ( See above Program ) and not their Dog or Cat …

He said YES, that this is unfortunately a rather common occurrence, but he then said something that caught my Allergy Ear …

But then He said …

“ If you could Help get rid of Allergies in our Itchy DOGs, You would make A Lot of People ( and their Dogs ) Happy !”

So I did some Canine Allergy / Atopy / Atopic Dermatitis Research Digging and here is what I found …

[] Classic “Manifested” Signs of presence of Canine Allergy = ( one of more of the following ) constant Itching / Paw Chewing / Gunky Ears / Hot Spots / Skin Trauma.

[] First place to Look = Is it Flea ? / Is it Skin Mites ?

[] Then, once the above Itch Possibilities have been “Diagnostically Ruled Out of the Itch Equation”, We find that ….

Approximately 80+% of our Itchy Allergy DOGs are Allergic to the Same Enviro Pollens / Dust Mites / Molds that Us Humans Suffer From !

[] That the Itchy / Gunky Ears etc are really just Health Issue "Manifestations" caused the the Cumulative / Progressive "Allergy SnowBall" that only gains Speed & Mass as Time / Allergy Seasons Roll On ..

[] But isn’t my DOG’s Itching FOOD Allergy ?

You are not alone, many PET Parents move their DOGs to Special Diets with the Hope / Belief that their DOG’s Itching is FOOD allergy Driven.

But when You look to the Data, You find that only approx. 4-5% of our Itchy DOGs suffer from True Medically Defined Allergy to FOOD.

So at the End of the Canine Itchy Day …

The Itchy Elephant in the Allergy Room = Enviro’s !

Great ...
So now you know the Itch Enemy …

But, when You look to Remedies here is What You Find …

#1) Avoid Enviro Sources .

Impossible > Live Life in a Bubble ?

Besides Enviro Allergy Sources are Omni-Present !

#2) Pharma

Yes, they Do Stop the Itch …

But they achieve their Itch Suppression by Masking Symptoms / Fooling the Body into Believing that there is “No Problem”.

And to Add Insult to Allergy Injury, they are Short-term and achieve their Itch Suppression by Suppressing the Entire Immune System…

Which in turn leaves the Animal Vulnerable to Secondary Health Issues, typically Allergy Itch > Open Wound / then “Infection” … which is then Treated by Antibiotics .. which Do address the Infection .. BUT … take the Animal’s GUT=Biome on a Slippery Slope of further Health Issues & compromised Quality of Life.

#3) “Gold Standard” ImmunoTherapy Allergy SHOTs !

YES, ImmunoTherapy Allergy SHOTs Do Work …

But because there are only 200 DVM Dermatologists in the USA, they are not always Geo-Convenient.

Further, PET Parent Administered Allergy Shots are not very PET Parent ( $$ / Time ) Convenient

#4) Dog Allergies | Dog Food Allergies - Healthy GOO â„¢

Meeting the Challenge of suffering Enviro Allergy in our DOGs, Dr. Kristin has Formulated a Product called Dog Allergies | Dog Food Allergies - Healthy GOO â„¢ !

But while the Name is Cute & Playful, please be assured that Doggy GOO is ALL Business when it comes to Fighting Itchy Allergies !

How ?

Dr Kristin has Identified / formulated 15 of the Major Enviro Sources that cause your Dog to Itch .. Itch .. Itch …

Then, via a GOO-Licious GOO Peanut Butter Teat …

With every AM & PM > Lick / Lick / Lick of Doggy GOO ..

Small Traces of your DOGs Enviro TroubleMakers are brought into the Dog’s System, such that they begin to Leverage / Build heightened “Internal” Immune Tolerance, with the Doggy GOO Goal, such that “External” Allergy Symptoms begin to Dissipate !


To GOOd to be True !

Yes, We Agree ..

BUT for the past 4.5 Yr. Doggy GOO has been Successfully Helping many frusterated PET Parents with their Itchy DOGs.

Prove ?

At Healthy GOO, we say .. with our DOGs .. “There is No Placebo Effect !

Namely, Itchy DOG + GOO-Licious Doggy GOO and over time .. the Itching / Paw Chewing / Gunky Ears abates or Not !

Your Dog does not know that their GOO-Licious Treat is Fighting their Itchy allergies, they just know that it is GOO-Licious !

So Why Not …

[] Visit Dog Allergies | Dog Food Allergies - Healthy GOO â„¢ and Read what doggy GOO is All About ..

[] Read PET Parent Doggy GOO Testimonials > Healthy GOO Testimonials

[] Call 855-246-2426 with any GOO Q’s

And then….

Begin to make the Serious Business of Fighting Itchy Enviro Allergies FUN !

GOO-Licious Treat FUN for your Dog.

And FUN for you to See them Happy & Healthy !

On behalf of Dr. Kristin and MySelf ..

GOO Thank YOU !

Stephen @ GOO

BTW > If You Achoo .. May we suggest Human Enviro Allergies | GI Health - GOOy CHEWy â„¢

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