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Energy at to deal???

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OK, Brutus is starting to drive me to jump off the front porch.

It doesn't matter how many walks he gets, or a long visit to the dog park, or time with the laser pointer running around the backyard...he ALWAYS paces around at night usually between 8-11pm. And that's the time we're curling up to watch a baseball game or a movie.
We took down his crate for the time being but even then he would just bark the entire time while in it.

I work at home so it's not that he's home alone all day and just gets excited when people come home so the household dynamics don't really change.

We try to just ignore it and let him clam down on his own but it hasn't worked yet. Anyone know how to deal with this or have the same problem?
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Just wanted to point out that by using a laser pointer you could potentially create a dog who is OCD towards light. Some dogs will chase anything such as the reflection from a nametag or watch etc after creating such an OCD.

How about a marrow bone? Keeps him busy with something to do and allows you guys to watch your movie or game.
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