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Emmie Update (Torn ACL)

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A few days ago, my dog chased a cat and came back limping. She wouldn't put any weight on the back leg. Took her to the vet the next day when she was still not moving and he diagnosed her with a torn ACL. He actually diagnosed her in the parking lot of the vet's office. Told us surgery would be $2000. Emmie is 9 years old and has had two hip surgeries already for hip dysplasia. We didn't know what to do. I've been researching the whole thing on the Internet the past few days. Keeping her comfortable with pain meds and lots of attention, but she definitely hasn't been herself. This morning, I woke up to find her WALKING and when I went to the door to leave, she ran (well, a hobble run) to the door like she wanted her morning walk! Obviously, she didn't get one, but I was speechless. Today, she has been like her old self personality-wise, barking at us when she wants something, getting excited when she hears someone come home, etc. I'm still trying to keep her quiet and telling her to rest, but I am cautiously optimistic. I realize she's on pain meds, but she's been on them for the past 3-4 days and hasn't exhibited any of this behaviour. I've heard of dogs with torn ACLs who function as though nothing is wrong. I don't know how this can happen though. I really don't know what to make of all of this. I just wanted to let you all know because you have been so wonderful and supportive these last few days. Like I said, I'm cautiously optimistic and if anything, I feel even more protective of her now because I realize she could easily re-injure herself and then we'd be back to square one again.
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Thats wonderful news!! I pray she continues to go uphill and that she doesn't have to be on pain meds for long. Are you sure the intial diagnosis was correct? I would take her for a second opinion at this point.
Daisy was back to hobbling within a week after her last rupture. They do recover and regain use of their leg again. But remember, the thing is that without the ACL ligament, the top and bottom leg bones bump together when they use their leg ... the torn or ruptured ligament isn't able to provide the cushion between those two bones that an otherwise healthy ligament would. That's where the arthritis begins.

I'm not telling you this to dishearten you. Every dog is different and I'm certainly no expert. I want to encourage you to get another opinion.
When my Tucker was trompled by a horse, he was diagnosed with a torn ACL. I elected to do the surgery. When it was over the vet said he actually did not tear it, but stretched it so if I had tried your approach, he probably would have been fine. Oh well, just adding to the new wing at the vet's office. I hear it is going to be lined in gold!
Glad to hear Emmie is feeling better. Remember she is on pain meds so that will help mask the symptoms. When my Lacey damaged her knee, and was on pain meds before the final surgery, the vet did say to be careful as she would start feeling much better because of the meds. Same with Emmie, I would keep her as quiet as possible to help her recuperate, and still continue with your plan to maybe go see your old vet over Thanksgiving week for a thorough evaluation. We will cross our paws and fingers for continued improvement.


Glad to hear Emmie is doing better but I would be cautiously optimistic that it is because of the pain meds.

Because of our experience with our 10 year old Golden Ret. having the TPLO surgery in March 2009 and the vet examining her leg and taking x-rays, I think that's the only way to tell for sure whether it's torn or what to do.

As far as the expense be sure to ask the vet for one of the credit cards ZERO % INTEREST, like Care Credit or Wells Fargo.


CHECK out my post to you here, from today.

Poor girl..... I can't speak from a dog's perspective, but as a human that has had a torn ACL and surgery to repair it, it's not fun. I was able to put off my surgery for almost a year. There were days, weeks that my knee would seem "mostly" just fine. But there was no stability in my knee, and it would give out quite often, causing more damage to the bone and miniscus. Tricky things, those ACLs.

Hope she continues to feel good! Good luck!
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