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electric fence for puppy? any expierances

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i considuring buying a invisible fence for my golden puppy becouse she is constantly running over to our neighbors house and going under the horse fence and barking at their horses i keep imaginating her being kicked or somthing she also goes over to r other neighbors house fortantly their realy nice people so the dont get to upset when she barks and cwals over a fews timeslol:)
i have been working a little on boundry trianing but is showing no improvment what so ever and i cant keep getting her out of the horse pen

i need somthing to keep her in the yard this is the second day in a row she Imediantly darted over to the horses barn when i let her out:(:(:(

any opionians and suggestians would be helpfull

THNXXX :) :) :) :)
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I'd get a fence ASAP, sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Maggie was 2 yrs. when we first moved here. I had no intention of getting a fence since we live on acreage and while we were building Maggie ran off-leash here all the time with no problem. Amazingly, when we moved in she went "deaf", her recall went to zero and would take off every chance she got. Invisible fences were still in their infancy so we installed a wood fence around part of the backyard. Until the fence was installed we tied her. I would like to get one of those wireless fences for the front yard but haven't done anything yet.

I know many people that have an invisible fence and love it, many that don't. It seems that the one's that have the greatest success are the people that have the fences professionally installed and the dog professionally trained.

I've read that a dog or puppy need to weigh at least 10 lbs. to use the invisible fence collar.
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