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Elbow calluses

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Sierra has a small callus on her left elbow.
I'm assuming from laying on the cool (and rough)concrete this summer.:confused:
She lays on the vinyl floor in the kitchen but I haven't noticed that it affects her that way.
Should I rub some vitamin e into it to soften it and promote hair regrowth?
Is there anything else I could do for her?
Open to suggestions...
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I think some dogs even in great indoor homes do get them, just from the way they lay. I think Dillon came with his, didn't he?

Yup Dill came with his :)

But I have all wood floors that mine lay on all the time, especially when its hot in the summer.. so they both have them. It's definitely due to how they lay too.. Sam only has a callous on his right elbow but not his left haha
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