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ED Misdiagnosed?

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Does anyone know how common ED is misdiagnosed. I took Rosie (7 months) in this week to the vet after 10 days of very slight limping. The vet took xrays and said her best judgement was that it was ED. The breeder adamantly states that no dog has ever had ED. Rosie is a bit of a clutz and had a run in with a concrete wall, and another time with a bulldog (ran into each other full speed). They say that in one elbow there is a small bone that was fractured. We are meeting with specialist on Thursday. She loves to run play and swim. Does surgery always help? Could it be something else? She is still running around like crazy and never winced or showed pain with it. :confused:
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I would also wait and see what the specialist says - there is nothing you can do right now anyway.
It is quite possible that she fractured one of those little bones in the elbow if she had a couple of bad and hard collisions . Having had four goldens so far, I know this breed has a very high pain threshold.
Good luck, I am hoping for positive news for your baby.
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