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Ok - so for a few days now- and a few days about a month ago - my dog thinks that poop are toys. I let him out, he doesn't want to come back in - then he barks about 5 minutes later with a mouth smelling of poo.

By the power of deduction here - I realize that it is only in 20 degree or lower weather, when the poop is frozen. He plays with frozen turds !!!!!

The kids are the yard cleaners (11 and 14), and I have to say, as kids go --- they won't pick it all up, yet say they did. So now I have to stand out there and supervise and point things out so they pick it up every day. The one day - the youngest one went out to clean it and said "Wow, Dusty must've eaten alot because there were about 5 messes out there."

Having much more experience at life than my naive 11 year old, I turned to his older brother and said, "Hmm - you cleaned the yard yesterday, right?" To which he replied, "I couldn't find any."

GRRRR - Go Team Go !
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