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Droopy ear

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Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read!

I have a 3 month old GR named File' Gumbo. I've recently noticed that one ear is somewhat droopy. It's kind of hard to explain but he has the typical triangle shape left ear, but his right is still perky but laid back on the very outside tip.

I've read many things and are wondering if any of you have seen the same in your dog? I really don't think its an ear infection as both ears are clean and we just, as in this weekend, had him tested at the vet's.

The odd thing is that this is not an all time occurance, at times his ear looks completely normal. I'm just worried that he has some sort of ear damage as this has just popped up, or is this a normal thing, and everything will sort itself out.

The picture attached is File' and Zeke. In it File's ear is just fine. This problem just started to occur this weekend.


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At this age puppies are growing and changing so fast. When a friend's GSD was about 4 mo. old one ear stood up the other was still floppy. I don't think I'd worry, at least at this age.
They can perk their ears up and down as the mood strikes. Puppies change and grow so fast tht maybe it is growing pains. You might mention it at the next vets appt.
I don't see any drooping in your photo. Griff had something like that happen when he was a pup but he was shaking his head quite a bit. I thought it was an ear infection so I brought him to the Vet but there was nothing and of course he stopped shaking his head the moment we got into the Vet's office.:doh: The ear stopped drooping soon afterward if I recall correctly.
Thanks for the replies guys!

It looks like his ear is sitting up straight again. Every now and then it seems droopy, but for the most part it looks OK.
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