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Dr. Dodds Thyroid Profile 5 Test

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I talked to Dr Dodds last Friday (she got back to me within 24 hours) regarding Oakleys thyroid results from the test our vet ran. His T4 is .3 , which , she said is clearly abnormal :mad: and suggested having a Thyroid Profile 5 done.

I am going back (with my fingers crossed) to my vet to see if they will draw blood for Dr. Dodds thyroid Profile 5 test. I looks like there are alot of instructions for drawing the samples and sending them in. Is this no big thing for vets to do? do they do this all the time? Did anyone else have a vet unwilling to do it?
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Print out the thyroid article from Dr. Dodds site. Read and get comfortable with with values and info...just the basics. If you have a feeling your vet will bristle, he/she might. But you are advocating for your dog. And you have supportive evidence. Ask if she'd be willing to speak with Dr. Dodd....she'll talk to your vet too.
Most vets use an external lab for thyroid values. Mine went to Michigan State. No big deal.

Be calm, kind, and FIRM. If the vet balks, ask for a 'trial' of Soloxine.
Keep us posted! And Good Luck:)
The vet should not balk at it but they might anyway. If they are unwilling to do so, I would seriously consider seeing another vet.

Good luck!
Tell your vet that while you would prefer that he do the draw for you, if he will not you will find another vet who will. The vet is working for you. You are advocating for your dog.
I went through this exact same thing, concerned about how my vet would react. They were great. Dr. Dodds then gave us her recommendations for meds, amount etc and my vets agreed.
As Laura said: YOU are your dog's advocate, he's depending on you.
Thanks for the advice. I can't stand to see Oakley like this anymore. His ears are still "gunky", the chewing on the paws and now for the past week he is just laying around like he is depressed.
I see the vet tomorrow.
Dr. Dodds recommended the same test for my Tasha. We just spoke to our vet and she agreed to draw the blood. I wasn't sure she would but she did. I think she thinks we are crazy but she did agree. Good Luck with your vet.
Good luck. All vets are different, mine fought me tooth and nail because they think Dr. Dodds is a quack. You are the customer though, fight for what you want or find a new vet.
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