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Dog Run Designs?

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For any of you who have dog runs, can you share your design or pics if you have them? Or even descriptions of nice ones that you have seen.

We have lots of space and I'd love to have a nice run for my two to play in if they want to be out while we are inside. I would consider even connecting it to my garage so they could be let in and out without going outside.
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just a couple of suggestions from a boarding place...
run a "sidewalk" around the perimeter. The dogs tend to run the fenceline and it keeps it from turning into a mud bath. Also keeps them from digging if they're inclined to do so.
bottom rail on the fences is important. we also have "tip in wires" on the tops of our fences to prevent climbers, but you know your own dogs and if they don't climb, you don't need them.
Be sure to provide a shaded area. A concrete pad or some pavers are nice if you're doing a grass area, a lot of dogs like to lie on them.
Good luck with the project!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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