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Dog food with Lamb as protein source

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Beau has been on Wellness Super5 mix chicken for about 6 months. He seems to really not like it. We think he was spoiled over the summer when my parents watched him and added treats to his food. I was thinking of trying Wellness Super5 mix lamb. I thought I had read some concerns about lamb as a main proteins source. Can anyone recall that?

Thanks so much. Just when I thought we found the perfect food, Beau decided it wasn't. :(
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Taurine (sp) I think the concern at one time was Taurine. Not enough??? Ardeagold is the one who told me about it. Shadow doesn't do well on any of the other protein sources. He's allergic to many including Chicken, Turkey, and borderline allergic to duck and rabbit. He's eating one of the Lamb Forumla's.
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