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Does your puppy do this???

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Constantly take all of the toys out of their basket or box? I keep a toy box for Bailey for her toys and bones because she has so many of them. Bailey takes out all the the toys several times a day and spreads them all over the living room.:doh: I try and keep things picked up around here, but Bailey insists on having them spread out all over and it's worse then a toddler.LOL :p:
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Absolutely. Both my guys have toys scattered to every room of the house. I live alone so I quit making a big deal of it.
Rookie definitely takes his toys out of the basket, but they're not spread out. He brings them all to his mat in the living room.
Yep! I have been working with Kody to put his toys away...he is learning the command rather quickly! I keep his in a basket too and he loves to get them all out! :)
Cody does this too. I have a basket next to his crate and by the end of the day most of the toys are out and spread across 3 rooms. I pick them up after he's in his crate for the night and we start again the next day.
We gave up on a toy basket for Timber.
After he dragged everything out, and there was alot to drag (my daughter works at a pet store) he proceeded to chew the basket.
So basket went in the garbage, toys lay all over the floor :)
Yep! Winchester takes them out one by one and puts them by his bed. There's hardly ever any toys in his basket. I can't blame it ALL on him though. My boys get some of them out. Hey KodyBear... how can I teach that command to my kids? ;)
Zep likes to take them out of his toy basket as i'm trying to put them away. I've given up. :D
Brooks doesn't have a basketful of toys, because he tears them all apart. I have to keep them on top of the refrigerator (the remainders) til I can play with him with them.
I've given up picking the toys up during the day.They end up all over anyway.I'm trying to teach them to put them back! ;-)
Ahh yes. Puppy toys are EVERYWHERE! But that's OK! I'd much rather step on a puppy toy than one of the kids lego's!
I put the toys out in the morning and I pick them up before bed and hide them in the closet. I hate waking up to the sound of sqeaking toys!

Mason loves for the toys to be out all over so everyone can play with them. Skye tries to bury them in a secret hiding place in the house so Mason can't find them!
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