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Does obedience wear your dog out?

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I've upped Joy's obedience training to at least 3 15 - 20 minute sessions a day, in addition to all the momentary "training breaks" we have throughout the day. She seems to really enjoy it, and I feel like we're getting even closer as a result (nice bonus!) but she is even MORE mellow than usual when we're done.

I'm just wondering if your dogs get worn out from obedience training. She doesn't seem over-tired - she's always up for her walks or hikes or games. It's just that she's even more of a fuzzy lump inside the house. I love my fuzzy lump!:p:
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I think she said it perfectly. I find that Tito will get mentally tired from obedience work. But if you grab a tennis ball, or there's another dog around, watch his energy rebound! I think they just get mentally drained after a while.

Yes, mental energy is very tiring for a dog!!
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