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Do all Goldens get the pink nose???

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I was starting to notice my neighbors dogs noses had lost their pigment and their noses are pink. I was wondering if all Golden Retrievers get pink noses in the winter? Bailey's nose is still solid black and winter has already arrived early this year.
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Daisy's kept her black nose for going on 9 years now, even through the winters. She is beginning to lose some of the pigment but it's still not pink. No, not all goldens get pink nose. Some never get it, some get it early, some get it and then lose it after winter ... I think it's mostly genetics.

Bailey's got a beautiful perfect black nose, by the way :)
We had noticed Ruby losing most of the black around November of last year. She was about 14 months old at the time. The black came back in June.
Some get it, some don't. Tucker is 14 months and his nose is still jet black. Some Goldens get "snow nose" in the winter months, which is when they lose the black pigmentation in their nose and then it returns in the spring/summer. Genetics also can play a role in it.
No, definitely not! I don't like it so I hope mine never do. Not that I'd love them less!
Maggie's nose never turned pink but it did loose some of it's pigment as she aged. Hank is still young so I don't know about him.
Sam's nose isn't quite as jet black as it once was (he's 2) but neither of mine have ever gotten a pink nose in winter (or any other season)
Nope. It's genetic.
My first golden was 10 1/2 when he died and his nose never faded. Fisher is 6 and still black nose.
Nope, it's all about genetics. My Cody's nose stayed black for over fourteen years! Finn has snow nose, but the black comes back less and less every year.
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