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Dillon loves his mama :)

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We have a new routine... after the dogs eat their dinner, Sam goes outside to patrol the yard and sniff around to make sure he has properly covered all of Dillon's pee spots sufficiently, while Dill and I have a cuddle fest. He's getting cuddlier and cuddlier every day... now he loves to lay with his head in my lap getting ear scratches.

Took this a minute ago with my laptop cam... he layed on his back, head in my lap, staring up at my face for about 5 mins straight while I gave him a rub down and I told him what a good sweet boy he is... I love my Dillon boy :)

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Awww, I think Marlene is in love :heartbeat
Look at that boy! You should send him back to me. He obviously hates you :)
awww how cute!!!! :D
He is just so in love with you, it shows in his pose. Those special cuddles times are so special arent they? Pawley does that same thing.
He's smiling big time...... and loving the attention.
Ain't boy's the biggest cuddle bugs..I get this from both Jack and Chewie!

Love the picture!
My Austin and I do this every morning....he's 9 months old and a huge cuddle bug...he likes to curl up on my lap when we first get up!!! He's my special baby....
Awww Marlene , you are such a good mom. and what would you do without your boys?

My Selka is like that too. Just wants to lay with me and adore me. : )
Puppy love, you can see he is enjoying the attention!
what a big softie he is..............Tom never does that
That is a very sweet picture!
Pictures like that one are priceless keepsakes that you always want to hold onto and have !!
Awww Marlene , you are such a good mom. and what would you do without your boys?
Thanks Deb :) Honestly, I would be completely depressed and lost without them in my life right now.. they keep me sane and smiling :)
That is a great shot. You can really see the love you two have.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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