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Diesel Pics - Long Overdue... Sorry!

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Here some pics I snapped of Diesel a couple months back :)


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looking good Diesel man!!!!
He's butyful! Where are Kero pictures?
They are coming.. I have some that need edited a bit.. let me see what I can come up with.. Im at work so resources are limited.
Diesel is one goodlooking boy. Cant wait to see the pictures of Kero.

Diesel: Aren't you the HANDSOME GENTLEMAN!!

Jami sure knows how to pick the men! Diesel and Wrigley!!

Where is Kero?
What a handsome boy.
Very handsome, I love the first one.
He sure looks like one happy guy...and darn handsome too.
aawww he looks so handsome

Hunter says he wants to see his sissy
Oh I love him! And I remember when you joined... you rule!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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