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Diapers anyone?

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Ok here is my dilemma, my sweetheart Molson, who has hip dysplasia as well as spinal nerve damage is becoming incontinent basically, when he stands up from the pressure it puts on his hips he has an accident. I bought mattress protectors, with one side absorbent the other plastic to lay on his bed and them have a sheet over it which I replace whenever the need be (this saves me from washing the entire bed)

I have been looking online to see if there are diapers out there for male dogs although I am hesitant because I am always worried about keeping a goldens fur wet for any duration of time due to their predisposition towards hotspots.

Anyone out there use diapers and have a recommendations?

And you should know other than his hip dysplasia plus and his bathroom issues this love of my life (I should include that he is my husbands as well), this love of our lives still has a sparkle in his eyes(even with the cataracts!) an appetite that makes us laugh at its particular likes and dislikes. He is still interested in everything that moves below our front porch which is his favourite perch these days. In other words he is still cooking even with issues.

So he ain't going anywhere soon! (from my mouth to G-ds ears)!
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Though I cannot give you exact details on how she did it, one of our rescue's foster parents used adult Depends and modified them somehow to fit a male dog's anatomy She said it worked really well for them.
I don't have any experiences with them so I can't recommend anything. I just wanted to say: 1) welcome to GRF, 2) I love your dog's name :D and 3) he sure sounds like a sweetheart! I'd love to see pictures of him when you have the chance!
Welcome to the forum,
They make some belly bands that might help with the leaking. We all would do something like that for our pups so we know exactly what you are talking about. He sounds like a real sweetie and I would love to see some pictures of him.

I will look to see if I can find the thread about the Depends for you.
My Murphy has just begun to wet himself. He is almost 14 and has cancer. He just does it when he is sleeping and unfortunately he won't sleep on a bed or sheets or anything to absorb the urine. I am giving him daily baths. I am having my husband cut back the hair on his belly so it won't be so bad. I would love to try a diaper, but I don't think he would leave it alone. He would rip at it until he got it off
hi everyone

i actually purchased a package of adult incontinence briefs a couple of days ago, the ones with tags, because i figured i could adapt them. the first attempt failed miserably! however, I am not giving up. I see Dallas Gold just mentioned adult Depends which i will now also look at maybe the are designed differently, and maybe they are the extra large and Noey put in tinkletrousers.

Because I have been known to get creative when desperation hits (ie. both the Animal Assistance Products Hip Hammock and Barrel Booster which I did create , to quote my vet, "invention born out of necessity" i figure that I will try to come up with something) However it would be WAY easier if there actually existed a product out there that works! :) So i am first going to check out everyones suggestion!

A big thank you for all of your welcomes to the site. I have to figure out how to post a picture of Molsie here, it is obviously easy so as soon as I can firgure it out up he will go
Have you looked at belly bands?

Just went to the site Tinkle Trousers, you did a better job of finding something than I did in my search. This looks interesting. will keep you posted! A BIG Thanks for your input
I did quickly but I have to give them another look, thought maybe they would be uncomfortable because I would assume they have to be on quite tight. But as the saying goes...don't assume, so I will give it a further look!
I never met another Molsons mom ! :) Howdy, will post Molsies picture as soon as I can figure it out.
Belly bands work well with a feminine hygiene pad inside to absorb the urine. You could also have your vet show you how to express Molson's bladder so you can control when and where he pees. Since you sew, you can crate your own belly bands out of cute material and elastic, perhaps putting some type of pocket inside to hold the pad. BTW, if he gets poop incontinent, too, there's a pretty easy way to get him to go when you want; if you need to know, ask me in a PM:)
i never even thought you could help them express their urine or pooh, the anal gland I knew...will check expressing out with my vet. though wouldn't that irritate them?
Nope, it doesn't irritate them. The vet will show you where his bladder is and how and where to put your hands to push up on his bladder to express the urine. Old dogs who become incontinent don't always completely empty their bladders, either, so expressing would help prevent UTIs (they can get infections when their bladders never fully empty). Controlling pooping is actually much easier. Use a Q-tip with some Vaseline on it, insert a little way into their anus, twist a bit for stimulation, and voila, instant pottying!
wow, talk about instant pooping! both Molson and I thank you! :)

will check with the vet about expressing pee!

mucho gracias!
You're very welcome. Remarkable, isn't it? Poop on command:) Note that bladder expression isn't nearly that easy, but once you get the hang of it, it's helpful. You may need to sit in a chair with Molson backed up to you so you get the proper angle, but definitely have your vet show you the technique.
I dont know anything about diapers for dogs, and dont know if our experience would help Molson, but we had the same problem with Jade she has arthiritus in spine and couldnt feel when she needed to poo also big leaking problems our vet put her on metacam for the spine pain and a tablet called incurin for the leaking, whilst I cant say she is 100% better she is 95% and like a different girl playing and running (she is almost 11) so thought I would post as perhaps it may help with Molson :)
When Sammy was very sick we had to have diapers on him all the time. I basically bought every brand at the store as well as a few online. The one I like the most was the Male Diapers from Pet Edge called "Clean Go Pet Male Pup Pants"

We also got a belly band from this page that I really liked. We got the sling style.

We used regular female pads with both. Sometimes more than one.

My heart goes out to you, I know this is not easy.
PPA works on male dogs as well. You might check into this with you vet. It's a pill, BTW.
Love having options to explore, both Molson, myself and my husband say, "Thanks everyone!"
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