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Deworming and Diarrhea

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So Murphy had a dewormer on Friday, and still has diarrhea. Is this normal? I fed him some rice this morning, but not much, because I really don't know how much to give him. I don't really want him to eat his normal food until his diarrhea lets up. I heard chicken and rice helps too, but again, I'm not sure how much to give him at mealtime.
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If he still has dh tomorrow I would take him back to the vet. Try not feeding him again today and see if his system clears out, then give him just a little food tomorrow.
We usually do no food or water for 12 hours, followed by a low residue diet. Basicaly what you do for children.
The following recipe was given to us by our vet:
Diet for Vomiting or Diarrhea
1 pound hamburger; boiled, drained
1 cup uncooked rice; cooked
2 whole eggs, hard boiled, shelled
2 tablespoons karo syrup, light
After vomiting stops, may start on water and ice as tolerated.
Give oral meds as ordered.
May substitute skinless chicken for hamburger. Shred meat/chicken. It is critical to drain the fat off, so boiling the meat is recommended.
Cook the rice according to directions on the box. One cup of uncooked rice will make approximately 3 cups cooked rice.
Mix all the prepared ingredients and refrigerate. Warm before feeding.

An adult dog may have 2 cups of the mixture 5-6 times daily for 3 days. When directed, begin mixing the hamburger and rice with his normal food in a 50/50 mixture. Feed 2 cups, three times a day for 3 days. Then go back to regular food and water.

This plan needs changing if the dog:
continues to vomit/have diarrhea
weakens in condition
won't eat
the vomit or diarrhea starts to contain funny colors, especially reds or blacks
seems sicker instead of better in a day or two
the vomiting or diarrhea actually gets worse

hamburger 1504.2
rice 380.0
eggs 158.0
karo 120.0
1262.2 calories/ 4 cups
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Bailey also got diarreah after her first Interceptor pill over 2 weeks ago. The day after the pill she started having loose stool and then 3 days later she had diarreah for one day and then again very loose stool for another 3 days. As we were not sure what it is we did a fecal test at the vet and it came back negative. So we gave her canned pumpkin (one tbsp) and grapefruit seed extract tablets (as we were not sure if she had giardia - as this often shows up negative). Now she has again her firm stool since one week, so I guess it must have been the dewormer.
Thank you all so much!!
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