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Determining adult size of goldens

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I have a six-month old pup purchased from a very long-time, experienced breeder. My gal currently is around 19" tall and weighs in at 43.5. She's still a little gal. The breeder's females average around 22-23" and the males between 24 - 25." Her vet is telling me she should only grow an inch more at most as 90% of adult size is reached by 6 months. The breeder is telling me she should grow several more inches at least. Right now, her head is only about half the size of my relatively small (21.5, 65lb.) 7 year-old female. I had told the breeder that I wanted a large gal.

What experience has anyone had with the growth patterns of their golden puppies? I'm beginning to wonder if I got the runt of the litter despite what I had requested. She's on California Natural, plus Omega-3 for dry skin, Canine plus vitamins and a little pumpkin on her food.
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As already stated, they will continue to grow up until about 2 years old. At six months, there will be a variance in their weight. Jake is almost 7 months old and is a very big boy at 27" tall at the shoulder and just shy of 80lbs (his mother was normal but his father was very large). As for the runt of the litter, that is also no indication. My male shepard (he picked me out) was the runt of the litter and when he grew up, he was huge at over 120lbs. My take is that I will love them however they turn out.
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