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Delmarva Puppy

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Well, I just got an email from Sue at Delmarva, and her girl Shine is confirmed to be pregnant. I am so happy to hear that news. Now I have to have an interview with her, and hopefully if all goes well we'll be bringing home a new little girl in mid December. I can't wait. I am so excited, I had to post it.
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Lucky, lucky you !!!! Sue and Vern are super and have stupendous dogs. Please keep us posted.
Is the the breeder in Longmont Colorado ?
Delmarva, Sue and Vern, is in Maryland.
Sue and Vern are crazy-don't get a dog from them! LOL! I AM KIDDING!!! We have 2 Delmarva dogs! I love the sire of this litter-he had the best personality! Have fun:)
Oh, you are getting a Jesse puppy!! Lucky you!
Their dogs are beautiful. Can't wait for pics.
Is Jesse the litter's father? LOVE that big head of his. . .
I'll add to the list of jealous people. I really love their dogs. Congrats!
Oooooooh...I'm jealous too! Good luck!!
Oh lucky lucky you. I'd love a Delmarva golden, they are beautiful dogs.
Sue and Vern have some beautiful dogs. So jealous Jesse is a gorgeous boy and Shine is pretty too. So you should have a beautiful puppy. Good luck with the interview.
I'm hoping it will. We loved our last golden, Sadie, she was like our child. If Sue is around, we might try to drive down there this weekend and speak with her in person and see Shine and Jesse in person. Thanks for all the great comments.
Well we went down and met with Sue and Vern last weekend, and everything went great. My wife wanted to take all there dogs home with us. Now we just wait. First unti oct 19 when the puppies will be born and then until mid Dec. when we can bring her home. I try not to think about it to much because it seems so far away. I hope it goes by somewhat quick. The litter is the "Dew" litter. How do you come up with a registered name. I know it has to start with Delmarva and have the word Dew in it but what else. Thanks for any help.
Congrats!!!!! I'm one of many who would LOVE one of Sue and Vern's dogs. Gosh..... say the word and we'll come up with tons of possible names. Dew is a fun theme ( you could play off of different meanings of dew .... due, do, doo, but spell it dew). My first thought was Delmarvas Dew Whoppa Dew, call name Jazz.
People iove making word games with litter themes- like substituting "do" with 'Dew" like Penny&Maggie's mom said, so it doesnt just have to be the morning dew on the flowers idea or Mountain Dew
Delmarva's Love, Love Me Dew
Delmarva's Make A Big Tew Dew (overme)
Delmarva's Who Dew You Love?
Delmarva's Dew Not Call
Delmarva's Dew It Yourself
Delmarva's I Wanna Dew Right
Delmarva's Dewteronomy
Delmarva's Dew Not Go Gentle( into that good night)
Delmarva's Dew What You Want To Dew
Delmarva's HoneyDew Dawg
Delmarva's Dew You Want to Dance
Delmarv's Dew Drop Inn
Delmarva's Dew The Right Thing
Delmarva's Dew Tell
Delmrava's Three Dollar Deweys
Delmarva's Tew Dew List
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This should be a lovely litter. Congrats!
We have 2 Delmarva dogs and they are the best....great personalities and beautiful to boot! :) Cooper is 5 today. He is from the Furr Litter. Finnegan will be 3 in November and he is from the Sugar Litter.

We have thought about adding #3 but I don't know if I could walk 3 at once! LOL! And it's harder for us to pick them up since I have to fly to Maryland from Texas....but totally worth it!

They are wonderful people!
Congratulations! Sounds like your puppy will be gorgeous! Jesse is sooooooooooo handsome and manly! I'm so jealous!
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