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Daylight Saving - schedule out of sync

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Bailey used to get up anywhere between 7 and 7.30am and my son around the same time.

Now since we changed last Sunday this schedule is off. Bailey now gets up at 5.15/5.30am!!... don't know from where she gets 2 hours instead of one hour change ...and then my son sleeps still until 7.15-7.30am ..

Usually Bailey has her last potty break around 11.30pm so I don't know why she suddenly needs to get out that early....

I really hope Bailey adjusts soon to the new time change and goes back to her previous schedule.

Anybody else experiencing this with their dogs?


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She's actually doing pretty good with my boy. Although I have of course to supervise them constantly and often separate them. My son loves to run around the kitchen island and dining table and Bailey runs right after him, in the beginning this wasn't working at all as she tried to nip at him and bit in his clothes. Now we started giving her a toy in her mouth when they run around and that works well. She started even taking the toy in her mouth herself and then come up to him, kind of telling him ' come on let's run'.
Yeah, the last two mornings Bailey got up again around 7am insteda of 5.15/5.30am... we are so happy about this.

But I really don't like this daylight saving change, it's getting dark so early. We used to do our evening walk from 5pm to 6.15pm, now we have to go already at latest at 4.30 to have not a walk in the dark.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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