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Day at the park with Maya's friends

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So... I've started working with Leonardo (Maya's trainer) on her "I hate everything that looks like a schnauzer" issue. Yesterday, we went out to a park with some of the other dogs he trains. Aparently, she doesn't hate small dogs... she just hates the ones she doesn't know.
Here's what happened: an unknown pug appeared. At first, Maya was kind of anxious, but as soon as she saw her friends playing with him, she wanted to join the party and forgot about "who's the new guy". (I can relate to this... when I was little I sent my friends to meet the new kids so they could introduce them to me :p: .)

Here are some pictures. I'm sorry but I really stink at taking "action" pictures. These dogs move too fast!

She's Josefa. A boxer mix and Maya's best friend

Maya and Josefa

Maya, Pablo and Simon sniffing something interesting...

This little one is the latest addition to the gang. His name's Simon, he was brought from Chile, and he'll have his first show this weekend.

These two are Ruth and Esther... italian greyhounds

Looking tired, but happy

So... now that we know that er real problem is meeting new small dogs all by herself (and becoming friends with the schnauzer across the street) we'll start working on this. We'll try to talk to the dog's mom to see if she wants to go out with us one morning and work the problem out. Wish us luck!
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