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Danny's worn out after our rescue fundraiser today!

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Poor baby. He got attacked by another dog. It wasn't really the dog's fault. Her owners were stressed out by all the dogs there and had kept her on a leash. When Danny went up to greet her, she attacked him. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, other than his feelings. He stuck to me like glue after that, which is totally out of character for him. Once the other dog was taken off leash, she was as friendly as could be and even played with Danny. I wish we had someone who would help these folks transition their dogs when they come to our get togethers. If the humans are stressed, the dog is going to pick up on it.

Any how. He is exhausted tonight!

After this one, he collapsed.....
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I know, poor baby has been depressed all day. He is always so happy go lucky and considers himself the official greeter at these events. I knew it might get him in trouble with the wrong dog, but it wouldn't be fair to not let him be himself. This is the first time in over two years and many get togethers like this that it happened. Hopefully he learned his lesson. Though he kept trying to make up to her when she was on leash (I wouldn't let him get near her, she attacked a couple of other dogs). Like I said, she was as nice as could be once her leash was off. She had to be stressed to have all the dogs coming up to her!
I hope we raised a lot of money, too!

I don't blame the dog who attacked him. She was just stressed. He didn't hold a grudge either, not that I think Danny could ever hold a grudge, he just loves everything and everyone.

I actually had my mom's dog with us, too. He attacked a lab that got near the food table (he was offleash at the time). He didn't hurt the other dog, but he spent the rest of the time either in my car or out on a leash. He is a 110 lbs GSD mix who I pulled from a shelter 5 years ago. He is an only dog and apparently doesn't understand how dogs can "share" space and resources. He is fine with my dogs, though I have to remind him occasionally that he can't bully Jasmine and Danny. He adores Jasper, but who wouldn't? lol

So like I said, I can't blame the other dogs, or even the owners. Once I mentioned that she was most likely feeling defensive because of being on leash, they took her off (this was after they said she had never been aggressive towards another dog).
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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