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Daisy and Charlie visit North Yorkshire. Tom too!

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Many of you are familiar with Daisy and Charlie. Well I had the priviledge of dog sitting them today. Maggie, Ray and the girls have come to north yorkshire for their hols. Today they went off for the day leaving me with the girls to care for. We had a lovely day and the girls were as good as gold. It's not true what Maggie says about Charlie, she is a character but perhaps because Daisy is so good, you don't know she is there, that Charlie seems a monkey. However they were brill. here are a few pics.

Daisy the little saint

Charlie with her catch me harness! Not taking any chances!

Being ever so gentle with my Mum!

It was such a hard day!

Dad was very impressed with their behaviour. Praise indeed!
Yesterday we all went to meet Dave and Tom. They too are up here on their hols in the next seaside resort. Few pics on the beach.

Charlie and Tom enjoy the sea

Daisy prefers dry land!

Handsome Tom despite half a tail!

Tom showing his tail is intact!

Charlie admires her reflection! Couldn't resist this one.
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Love the pictures! I love the one of Charlie and his reflection! I need to take a photography class! Mine are either blurry or 1/2 a head! My kids I swear do a better job!
Excellent photos! Thank you so much for sharing! Such sweeties!
Great pics! I love the ones of the girls with your mum and both of them flat out in the garden. Looks like Charlie and Daisy enjoyed their holiday! Bet Tom was happy to have two lovely girls to himself!
They look like they really had a great get away from the getawy at your house. Love the one of them and your Mum. I bet Tom was so happy to have those two pretty girls all to himself. He looks as handsome as ever and I love the picture of Charlie and her reflection.
I am certainly no photographer. These are from my phone! Dave will have some much better ones when he returns home. Can't wait to see them.
Gotta dash as off to look after Daisy and Charlie while Maggie and Ray go pony treking. Hope they dont break any bones!
lovely photos
love the one of them with your mom
bless em :)
Lovely photos Patsy looks like the girls had a good time just chilling nice pic of them with your mum.
Pleased to see Tom still has a whole tail.
More pics from todays spot of dog sitting.

Look lead for Charlie. What a good girl.

Cottage garden. Daisy looking for Maggie and Ray! Charlie looking for frogs!

View from the cottage. Daisy fed up of posing wanders off! Meanwhile, Where is Charlie?

Ha Ha. Debating wh!ether to go back in the flower bed.

We had a little battle of wills at this point. Guess who won?
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What a good looking crew! And beautiful scenery, the pups only make it better:)
It does look like they enjoyed their time with their sitter and getting to meet Tom at the beach. Great pictures of all.
Lovely pics you took there, looks like the girls didn't miss their mum and dad at all and thoroughly enjoyed their stay with Auntie Patsy. Looks like they knew your mum had something yummy for them.
I have to tell you that Daisy and Charlie were very, very good. That photo with my Mum, although not very good, shows just how gentle they were. She didn't have any treats on her and they just sat quietly beside her for a fuss. I had them for a full day and not one spot of bother, Charlie did become a bit vocal at dinner time but that was because I shut them out while I walked my Mum to the table! Not impressed. However, once Mum was seated they were allowed in and sat quitely again by Mum and Dad while watching us eat. No drooling on our knees like my Meg used to! Of course they were rewarded with best north yorkshire beef!
Of course they were rewarded with best north yorkshire beef![/QUOTE]

Hubby says Can he come and stay with you? he promises he won't dribble if he gets fed roast beef :D
Lol, sure he can. We eat it all the time! Farmers you know, staple diet!
aw great pictures Patsy, I'm so sad that I couldn't come and meet you all, looks like you had a great time, Tilly and Harry wish they could have come to say hello! I was hoping to come up this weekend instead but Tillys bandage only came off today...and to be honest Im not sure what the vets even did under there (apart from charging us £180) the nail hasn't even been removed so it is still cracked right up the side and all she wants to do is lick it...anyway Ive gone off on a tagent...! Anyway, if she is well enough we might be able to make it!
Emma, I posted on UK social group to say sorry you couldn't make it. Poor Tilly. How is she today? What did the vet do to her then cos that was one expensive bandage!
Hi Patsy, ooh I didn't see that, I should pop in to see you chatterboxes more often!! I tend to lose where I was and there is so much to catch up on!!
I bet Charlie won by going where you wanted and just let you think you won. Those are some beautiful pictures. Love your cottage. I bet the girls wont mind staying with you at all next time.
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