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Hello! Looking for some advice about a daily schedule for our 5-month old pup. He is definitely becoming a teenager and is not napping as much as he did as a tiny pup. Do folks have thoughts on how a pup this age should be spending his time? He is still of course too irresponsible to be loose in the house unsupervised, so our routine has been:

6:30 - 8AM: wake up, breakfast, 1 mile walk and some play time
8AM - 12 or 1PM: Nap
1PM - 2PM: Walk and playtime (he has never eaten lunch)
2PM - 6PM: Nap/rest in his crate with a chew toy or treat
6 - 7:30PM: Dinner, playtime, walk
7:30 - 9:30: rests in his crate in our living room while we watch TV and have human dinner
9:30 or 10: bedtime

Note: we live in an apartment so there is no "yard" where we can just let him out. We go for a 1 mile walk at least twice a day.

I am feeling like he's spending too much time in his crate and need to alter his routine -- this has been his routine for awhile and it's feeling like it needs to evolve. Two days a week he goes to daycare and gets lots of playtime, but I don't want him to be too cooped up when he is at home. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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Hi, I would suggest to use play pen instead of crate if you still want to confine him. This way he will have more space and not feel couped up.
My puppy is 4 months old and here is her schedule.
6.00 wake up and
6.15 breakfast
6.30-7.00 play fetch and poop
7-7.30 walk outside / mostly sniffing The neighborhood
7.30-9.00 sleep in play pen. I have crate inside the play pen so if she feels she sleeps there too.
9.00-10.00 wake up, drink milk, play again with me. Sometime we go for walk.
10.00-11.45 sleep again
12.00 - lunch and walk and play
1-4.30 sleep in play pen
4.30- snacks and we go out play date / some store or park to socialize
6.30- come home eat dinner
6.45-8.30 sleep again
8.30- 10.00 - snacks, walks, playing, chew toy, zoomies, training. pee and poop
10-00 - sleep in play pen in upstairs bedroom / not in crate
She is there until 6 am.
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