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Cyclone Indoors

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I could really use some advice. My 3 y.o. golden Sprocket has some behavioral issues in the house. He is INSANE! He is currently crate trained and loves his little "cave". But every time I go to let him out, he literally BURSTS through the crate door, bedroom door, kitchen door, and back door. I have a split level house, so he really thunders down the stairs so loudly, you can hear it outside. Often, if my kids are in the way, they will get bowled over. I'm afraid of Sprocket hurting them.

I've tried making him lay down in the crate and making him wait with the door open (ditto on the other ports of entry) only to have him bound out and race around the room like a cyclone before I can gain control of him again.

I've also tried using the leash and haltie as we go through the house, which does slow him down WHILE it is on him. As soon as I try to take it off, it's business as usual. I could really use some other ideas to try, because my husband is really starting to lose patience with his wild behavior in the house. Anyone???
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I have the same problem... only I have it with two dogs. LOL. PLUS we have wood flooring all through the house, so they are running, slipping, sliding... It's nuts.

I was going to suggest having them sit and wait, but then you said you tried the down stay and that didn't work. :(

I hope other people have advice though, because I could use some too. I was actually thinking about this yesterday when I got home from work and set the beasts loose. LOL.
Well think how much pent up energy you'd have if you were stuck in a little box all day... LOL I dunno I tend to forgive some zoomies because I know the dogs get bored being home alone all day... It's a great way they release energy and they seem to have so much fun doing it too lol

Do you have a back yard you can let the dog into as soon as you get home so he can zoom out there instead? lol
Actually, I telecommute, so I am home with him all day. He gets two long walks/runs every day, so I'm not sure it's a result of pent up energy. He will settle down if I have been sitting still for a little bit (i.e., working at my computer). But as soon as I get up to move to another room, it starts all over again. He RACES down the stairs and through the doors.
Sorry, just saw your other question, Missmarstar. I do have a backyard for him and a dog run, AND a pal to run and play with. But that leads to my other serious problem....BARKING! At EVERYTHING. But only when he is in the yard. We've had the good ol' friendly Humane Society knocking on our door twice since we've had him to discuss the "nuisance barking" that our neighbors have reported.
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