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Cushings disease?

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Copper had to go back to the specialist (oncologist) for his lump. it is still diagnosed as an abcess/infection. She is keeping him on antibiotics (clindamycin 300mg 2X daily) for another 2 weeks and wants to recheck in 3 weeks. sooner if it recurs after he finishes the antibiotics.

She checked his thyroid last week and it is normal. Now she thinks he might have Cushings disease.
His ALP is elevated (300) and he had a dilute urine specific gravity (excessive drinking?). they recommend a ACTH test and abdominal ultrasound to check for cushings. I didn't even ask what that would cost. Right now I have to get his abcess healed and get him off the antibiotics. then I will see what other tests I can afford.

He also has a skin infection and needs to be bathed with chlorhexadine shampoo. I'll pick that up tomorrow.

On an up note - he loved going there and really enjoyed himself. They even reaspirated the lump and his tail just slowed down for a minute.

Does anyone else know anything about cushings? They keep hitting me with new stuff!!!!!!!
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I don't know anything about Cushings in dogs, but I used to show a pony who developed Cushing's in his older years, and was eventually put down because of it. I just wanted to say my thoughts are with you. I did a quick google search, and it does sound very managable in dogs.
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