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crying and wetting when i get home

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my golden pup, bailey, is 4 months old. i have 3 roommates that play with her, and two other dogs that she plays with. when i come home from work is when the only problem happens. i will come home and let her in the house from playing, and when i do, she will whine for about 15 minutes, and she will sit and pee when she does. is this something she will outgrow, or is there something i can do to break her of this?
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I would guess this is a submissive pee. Maybe spend those first few moments outside with her until she pees then praise her. Four month old pups still do not have very large bladders.
If it is a submissive pee, don't make a deal of it. Take her out right away and clean up while she is outside, then go out and see her and play a bit.
I agree with Kelev's Dad.
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