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Crate training and mornings!

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Hello all,
Have an 8 month old GR puppy. She USED to love going into her crate at nights until about a month ago when we try to sleep an extra hour now. She stopped with the whining, etc. but instead on at least 5 occassions she has licked until she horcks up a hairball and we Have to get up at that point.

Now at night time when we give her the 'go to bed command' (she used to listen to it no problem) she will attempt to run away in any direction and we have no choice but to pull her in by leash or push her in from treats will get her near it. She is calm and sleeps all night once she's in there....but come morning we must let her out on HER schedule in the as we have no choice when she throws up. Any suggestions???
She gets 2 walks a day plus running in a dog park almost every day.

Also, in evenings she seems very anxious, she will never lay down calmly and just chew a bone, etc. We will take her for lots of exercise and afterwards she will still will whine, pace, start chewing what she knows she's not supposed to, and just act overall anxious until she falls asleep after a couple hours of acting that way.
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Ahhhh... the teenage years. It is most likely a phase that most goldens go through between 8 and 14 months. You are seeing a bit of teenage rebellion going on. Time to redouble the training and maybe even take an obedience class. The extra training at this age will work your pups mind and work much like physical exercise and help give you the mellow pup you are looking for. Good luck to you.
I don't have the answer but extra training never hurts. Especially during those difficult puppy periods. Some of my dogs have been to intermediate obedience class three times. It's not that they didn't learn it the first time. It's that I wanted to keep reenforcing it with them. I admit I can be lazy and fall behind on training, but if I stay enrolled in classed it keeps me motivated.

Good to know it's probably just the teenage thing! She's seen some obedience and beginner agility classes already, but yes we should definitely keep her going in classes as like one of you mentioned it gets slack when we're not going to classes every week.
Funny thing is last night she actually 'listened' for the first time in weeks when I said 'Go to bed!' She very slowly walked over there and gave me a second look before she walked Actually kept her cool pretty well until I let her out in the morning too..yay!
You can do some of the training you learned in the classes at home. That will give her some mental stimulation that will help to wear her out.
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