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Am looking for advise on the most suitable and sensible option for our crate(s): where to put them in my house for day, sleep etc....
Our house is very open concept. Aside from a really small bathroom and a laundry room that I feel is also too small to gate a puppy into, there is not a single room on the main floor that I can gate off.
We are planning on crate training. So here's what I was thinking...but would LOVE opinions and advice!
I could buy one of those gates that wrap all the way around like a play pen, and put that in our kitchen so the puppy has a large and safe area to play in if we are not able to be 100% supervised.
We would have 2 crates: A large(ish?) crate (one that can be sectioned so the pup can only use a small part of it when he's still little, and grow into), that I would keep off to the side of the kitchen where the pup will always be able to see where we are if he's in there. And a smaller, travel sized crate, as we will be traveling to PIE with the pup when he's still really little.
So here are my questions: is the playpen gate thing even necessary, considering i am a stay at home mom, so the pup will not be left unsupervised while playing out of crate anyway? When the puppy is still really little does it make sense to use the travel sized crate as his sleeping crate? Or when he grows out of it will that cause trouble getting him used to his bigger one? OR.... if we just always use the bigger one for sleeping and general crate time in the house, is a large crate that's sectioned off not as cozy or comfortable for the puppy as a smaller travel one?

We've never had a dog before, and although we are not getting our pup till late spring, I really want to get a sense now for what the best plan for crates, pens etc. is.
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