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Countersurfing and jumping..HELP

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Our sweet little puppy has gone crazy! After his obedience class Ray was a star pupil. He is now 4-5 mos old and seems to have forgotten everything.
He stands up to surf the counters constantly. Dives for food and snacks.
We have increased his food, but this does not seem to matter.
He is also jumping up on everyone that walks in the door.
We are working with him on training him to get "off" and sit when someone enters the door. He just gets SO EXCITED!!
We know consistency is the only solution and we are trying very hard.
We are hoping this is just a phase that will soon pass. Any tips, reassurance...anything would be greatly appreciated.
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welcome to the teenage time. it seems like it lasts forever, but then one day you realize that that dog on the floor, sleeping, is just doing that... sleeping. keeping a 5 month old tired is one way of helping. run them (with their toys) like there is no tomorrow. also obedience classes, crating, consistency, all that stuff you did in the beginning and they were a star at, now you just have to keep at it. finally they will turn back (or forward) into that golden you love to have around. but enjoy the time now with them, because they grow up all too fast.
beth, moose and angel
p.s. welcome and ray is such a cutie, i know why your heart melts.
beth, moose and angel
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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