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Coopers Grand Adventure from the Shelter

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Here is a pic of my new golden. His name is Cooper, he's 11 months old. I got him from my local shelter. Apprently someone gave him up because he was "way too hyper" I think the person just confued a lovey dog with hyper. He is totally sweet, and loving. He has only been in my home for 3 days and i am 100% in love with him.

On a walk today he tried to defend me from a stray dog. Up until then i had never heard him bark...and he flipped out trying to defend me... i was so moved. Anyway here is the pic. i have more then there all sideways lol :doh:


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He is a beauty! I know he has landed in the right place. Sounds like you both win.


He is gorgeous!

I know you both will be very Happy!!!!!
Congratulations! He looks like a real sweetheart! :)
Welcome! Congrats on your new addition! Cooper is a doll!
He looks so sweet! Lucky you, lucky him!
Cooper is Beautiful! :smooch: I am so happy he has found you, and now has a forever home.:) Congratulations to both of you!
What a good looking boy. He is such a lovely blonde.
My shelter dog "Copper" also likes that chest rub - better than anything.
sounds like you two were made for each other.
It is amazing what "trash" some people will throw away.:)
Congratulations to you both!

I'm now working on re-conditioning my six year old Golden when it comes to "strange" dogs and his new reaction.
It really amazes me how someone can give up such an amazing dog. He loves everyone and everything. Thats why it made me feel so loved when he got angry at that other dog today. He has never barked at another dog, he normally loves other dogs. I think hes scared of being left again. He climbs all over me for awhile when i get home, then relaxes with me on the couch.

He needs some training, his old owner didnt do much with him, but hes really smart. So we will be learning together.

EDIT: Added some new pics


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he is so handsome and sweet, how could someone give up on a dog just like that ?!?!
He's handsome and I wish you many happy years together!
He's quite the looker - from his lovely butt feathers to that cute face.

You two will have a lot of fun learning together. It sounds like you two are a really good fit.
I just hope he starts to eat better, hes pretty thin. He has had a rough life thus far. But hes got lotsa food now! :)
He is beautiful, I am so happy for you both. He certainly landed in the lap of love.

Thank you for adopting!
hi and welcome! he is so handsome! Bless you for rescuing him, you are so lucky to have each other!
He might still be a little excited about his new life to pay attention to his food.
Hopefully he will settle in and just sit back and enjoy the good life now.
He is just adorable. Thank you for rescuing Cooper from the shelter, I am sure that he is so happy to be in his furever home. Congratulations on your new buddy and I know you will have many many happy years together.
He looks delightful - and must be smart to have found you! May this be the beginning of a long, long, love affair between the 2 of you!
Congratulations on the addition of Cooper to your life. I'm sure you two will have a blast together.
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