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Companion Event Stats

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Is there a way for me to check on obedience/rally/agility stats? And is there a way to check on junior handler stats for obedience and rally?
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In My AKC in the manage dog section you can see the stats for individual dogs that you enter. Like how many Qs, MACH points, etc...

You can also check the top 5 agility dogs by breed here

You can do the same for obedience here

Also the GRCA publishes the top Golden Retrievers for Obedience, Field and Agility in the GRNews every other month, and sometimes you can find it on their webpage, although right now they do not look current

Hope that helps...
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I've seen those link before I believe.

I was just wondering if AKC did top dogs in each class? Also, I have heard junior handlers saying "I'm ranked #2 for Rally junior handlers." Where do you get that info?
Hm.. I'm not on there. And I got 2 rally titles last year. I think you have to submit the junior forms to bestjunior in order for them to calculate your points. :doh:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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