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How many collars do you have for your pups? Any special Collars for special reasons? What about leashes?

I went through my dog stuff today and was a bit shocked to see I had this many collars.

The snowman collars, ACU, CAMO and Turtle collar are all hand made. The leather collars. The leather collar at the top left was my Rotties, I kept it for sentimental value. I rotate between these. The black leather spike collar..I dont use anymore. After getting some spikes in my teeth when I was playing with the dog and he reared up into my yap turned me off that collar lol

Then for leashes I have 3 leather. One is 2 feet I use when I want him kept close but dont want extra leash to worry about like the vets office or in a busy area. The one leather leash was used on my Rottie, its on its way out so I have the other leather leash I bought on sale ready to go. My nylon leash I have I use when I want him to drag the leash when hiking etc but dont want the leather ruined.

I have way to many lol
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