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clicker training

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I just started Chloe on clicker training 2 days ago. I spent the first 4 sessions "charging" the clicker (approx 40 rep's per session). I have now moved onto commands she already knows (she is 8 months) and rewarding them with a click and a treat.

My question is "when can I stop pairing the click with a treat", and also "when can I move onto commands that she does not already know". Also, when can I start to spontaneous click desired behaviours like loose leash walking.

I have tonnes of questions about proper clicker training, but I'll start with these ones first.

Many thanks
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ok, so now I'm I should NOT actually use verbal commands when getting her to do what I want, but just wait for the desired behaviour and then click?

Wouldn't clicking for things she already knows just reinforce that when she does an asked for behaviour she gets a positive reward (click and treat)?

sorry so many question, I just want to get this right the first time around.

thanks for all the great advise. Used the clicker to work loose leash walking last night.....she seemed to finally understand what I was wanting her to was really amazing...I could almost see the lightbulb go on on top of her head!

will apply the techniques above. Many thanks again!

new clicker problem! the clicker has done wonders for loose leash walking, but for some reason when I use it to teach her something "new"...she seems TOTALLY confused. She just sits, staring at me, and then walks away and lies down?:doh:

I've tried even the most simple of "tricks" (touch my hand with her nose and get a click and a treat). I repeated it 15 times and when I put my hand out she just stared at me and then started sniffing the dish towel:doh::doh:

I've watched alot of videos on clicker training and the dogs in the video seem to pick up alot faster. Has anyone else ever experience the "blank stare" of confusion?

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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