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clicker training

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I just started Chloe on clicker training 2 days ago. I spent the first 4 sessions "charging" the clicker (approx 40 rep's per session). I have now moved onto commands she already knows (she is 8 months) and rewarding them with a click and a treat.

My question is "when can I stop pairing the click with a treat", and also "when can I move onto commands that she does not already know". Also, when can I start to spontaneous click desired behaviours like loose leash walking.

I have tonnes of questions about proper clicker training, but I'll start with these ones first.

Many thanks
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The simplest easiest game to play, that will help teach your dog to offer behaviors, and teach *YOU* good timing is "The Box Game"!

All you need is a box and a bowl of treats ! What can your dog do? put 1 foot in ? put 2 ? 4 and sit? push the box with your nose jump the box.....the possibilitys are endless!

The easiest place to start is to click/treat when you first set the box down, what's your dog going to do? Look at/ sniff the box! Click another look, click a step to the box! If your pup stalls move around a little or go back to clicking eye/ head turn to box. WORK IT ! and be PATIENT!

A small aside, I have had a few goldens that responded badly if the box "flipped" when they put a foot in. I have wooden boxes for obedience that I substituted for cardboard .You could use something like a towel instead for a lot of games!

Clicker is a powerful tool!
Good training!
You wait for the behavior, click and treat. Dog sits (no verbal ,no prompting) click treat. When your dog is showing you he understands "I sit for a click -treat", you put a word to it "sit".

This(above) is how you *TEACH* sit with a clicker. If your dog all ready *KNOWS* sit , use a verbal command "sit" click and treat.

Does that help?

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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